Waterfalls on St Croix

The discussion began with a query regarding waterfalls on St. Croix, emphasizing the importance of defining what constitutes a waterfall. Some define it as water cascading down a steep slope (type 1), while others consider it as water free-falling (type 2). In the case of St. Croix, where the streams flow only following recent rainfall, it is essential to acknowledge that any waterfall on the island would be a temporary phenomenon.

After a rainfall, navigating Creque Dam Road might remind you of a series of type 1 waterfalls cascading down the steep gut that replenishes the reservoir. Angela Kim, a visitor to the island and a YouTube creator, captured the beauty of the (type 2) Caledonia Waterfall in a captivating video. Her YouTube content vividly narrates the experience better than words can describe.

Caledonia Waterfall c 1900 (NPS)

Why the Caledonia Falls? Well, because it’s in the Caledonian formation.

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