Danish Municipal Hospital, Peters Farm

Location: 17°44’22.94″N 64°42’26.60″W

The old Danish Municipal Hospital in Peters Farm, located on the new Christiansted Bypass, just east of Peters Farm Road, was built in the early 1800s and served as a hospital until being abandoned in the 1950’s.

It’s difficult to find accurate, citable information on the building’s history, but an article by Elizabeth Rezende1 in The Daily News Feb 16, 2017, about renovating the barracks on Hospital Street states:
– Niklas Thode Jensen, author of the book “For the Health of the Enslaved”, [speaking of the Hospital Street barracks,] stated that the barracks was built on top of the old hospital. He theorizes that this may have happened around the time of the British occupation of the island (1807-1815), when the Danes were constructing the Peter’s Farm Hospital, “thus, making the (in town) hospital redundant and refurbishing it as a barracks.”

Interestingly, the main exit of the hospital building is directly across from the upper entrance to the old Danish cemetery, although this is not evident in the postcard above. (St John’s Episcopal Church in the background)

  1. Elizabeth-Rezende Author ↩︎
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