Historical Landmarks & Sites

Highlight significant landmarks, monuments, museums, forts, plantations, and other sites of historical and cultural importance on the island, other than mills.

Monks Bath

Location: 17°45’44.99″N 64°53’10.14″WEstate Northside. NA-37 Monks Bath is a feature, located in the north-west of St Croix, approximately 3.7 miles north of Frederiksted. According to one story, monks carved the pool to stay clean without using their fresh drinking water. However, others say that the pool was built in the 1950s or 60s by property owners who

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The Early Sugar Windmills of St Croix.

Examination of the true Beck Map of 1754 (not the updated, colored map of 1784) shows the existence of 22 WindMills on St Croix. This illustrates the initial stages of sugar processing development on St. Croix. Windmills represented a significant advancement in sugar production compared to animal mills. In contrast, the advent of steam mills

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