Little LaGrange

Location: 17°43’36.27″N 64°51’51.38″W

Located off of Mahogany Road, just outside of Frederiksted, ths location operates as the Lawaetz Museum, and more recently as the Little La Grange Farm & Lawaetz Museum under the management of Ridge to Reef Farm.

The Lawaetz family is well known on St Croix, and on St Lucia where Uta and Verena Lawaetz operate Estate Balenbouche.

The sugar windmill for this estate is over on the hill from the family home/museum that we are familiar with. Remnants of the viaduct that channeled cane juice from the mill to the boiling house can still be seen on the grounds, and remnants of the aqueduct that supplied water are still visible alongside Mahogany Road.

The main House
Image Courtesy Google Earth

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