Stumblin’ ’round the Internet, and tumblin’ down Rabbit Holes

I find a fascination in exploring various topics online, often resulting in a plethora of open tabs as I navigate different trails of information. During one online journey, I stumbled upon an article titled “18th Century Grandeur” by the St Croix Landmarks Society (SCLS), which featured excerpts from Florence Lewisohn’s “St Croix under Seven Flags.” I have a copy of Lewisohn’s book from 1970, and I treasure it as a unique find since it hasn’t been reprinted since its initial release during a bustling period in St Croix’s history.

I had many interactions with Robert Amandus Johnson, the author of “Saint Croix, 1770-1776,” who provides insight into why Lewisohn’s book remains unpublished. Johnson believed that reprinting it would devalue existing original copies, some of which he owned. Nonetheless, organizations like SCLS have secured permission to reproduce specific sections of Lewisohn’s work, making “18th Century Grandeur” a compelling read that captures the essence of that historical era.

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