Little Princesse

Location: 17°45’25.60″N 64°43’30.06″W

Sugar Windmill 20090114
Sugar Windmill 20090114

Little Princesse, since 2011, has been under the ownership of The Nature Conservancy. It was first owned by governor Frederik Moth in 1738. There are many buildings on the property, including a building that served as a Danish hospital and the great house, which was built in the 1800s. Both have been partially restored. The sugar windmill, water windmill, chimney and factory ruins can be seen today.

The plaque on the water windmill “tower” proclaims a build date of 1755, which is cannot be the completed date as it does not show on the 1754 Beck map, however it does show on a later map.

As seen in 1941 wikipedia
Water Windmill 20090114 a.k.a. The Beehive
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