Location: 17°44’59.56″N 64°51’15.01″W


The old windmill base on Estate Annaly has been converted to residential living space and is available as a vacation rental.

Located on the lower grounds is a wonderful example of a steam mill, one of three extant; the others being at Estates Whim and Rust-op-Twist.

This shows the larger of the reduction gears, the cane feed tray and crushing roller assembly.


This shows the steam engine (center) and the boiler (left). It is in amazingly good condition considering its age, likely to have been installed between 1855 (Estate Spring Garden, now at Estate Whim) and 1878 (Estate Rust-op-Twist).

A schematic of the Rust-op-Twist steam mill is presented on that page.

Old photograph of the Annaly Steam Mill engine with walls that are more intact than shown above.

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