Explore the rich historical background of St. Croix, including colonial periods, indigenous peoples, slavery, emancipation, and post-colonial developments.

The Demon Rum

“Give intoxicating drink to one who is perishing,And wine to one whose life is bitter.Let him drink and forget his poverty,And remember his trouble no more.” Proverbs 31:6-7 [NASB] The history of fermented beverages dates back to ancient times. Evidence from the late Stone Age suggests that intentionally fermented drinks were already in existence during the Neolithic […]

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Stumblin’ ’round the Internet, and tumblin’ down Rabbit Holes

I find a fascination in exploring various topics online, often resulting in a plethora of open tabs as I navigate different trails of information. During one online journey, I stumbled upon an article titled “18th Century Grandeur” by the St Croix Landmarks Society (SCLS), which featured excerpts from Florence Lewisohn’s “St Croix under Seven Flags.”

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