A primary name is the name as given on the early tax records; a secondary name is a rename showing in later records.

1754 Parcels

NameParcelPrimary or Secondary
Bonne Esperance18Primary
Castle Coakley33a, 34, 53Primary
Concordia04a, 05a, 08Primary
Constitution Hill25Primary
Figtree Hill40Primary
Glynn07, 09, 10Primary
Hope31b, 42Primary
Humbug44a, 45aPrimary
Jerusalem41, 52Primary
Judiths Fancy01Primary
La Reine19aPrimary
Limetree19b, 20aPrimary
Montpellier03, 10aPrimary
Morningstar04b, 09Primary
Pearl38, 43, 48, 51Primary
Peters Rest35, 36bPrimary
Rattan and Belvedere14Primary
Saint John02, 11, 12, 50Primary
Sion Farm24, 26, 27, 33bPrimary
Sion Hill22, 23Primary
Strawberry Hill20b, 29Primary
Windsor05b, 06Primary
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