Bethlehem Old Works

Location: 17°43’48.16″N 64°47’40.94″W (chimney)

There is little left to see of this once significant factory in the middle of St Croix. The prominent chimney, easily visible from The Casper Holstein Drive, was severely degraded in 2017 by hurricane Maria. It is now home to the St Croix National Guard, and many ruins can be seen on the grounds.

Damaged chimney, post hurricane Maria 20201108
Pre-1917 view of factory
pre-1917 sorting cane for processing
1941 Jack Delano (LoC)
1941 Jack Delano (LoC)

The mill at Bethlehem Old Works stood as one of the largest and most modern mills on St. Croix. The substantial crushing mechanisms captured in the 1941 photographs from the Library of Congress provide a glimpse of the immense scale of the processing operations during that era.

Historical Background Report

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